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Shinnyo-en Lanka Preschool provides a strong foundation for your child and fosters well-rounded individuals with Buddhist values. With 10 classes, each equipped with a reading corner, pretend play area, art room, music room, sickroom, and a spacious garden with playground equipment and a sandpit, our school offers a comprehensive learning environment. Our classrooms promote community, where children develop essential skills for preschool success, mutual respect, and confidence. In addition to ABC's, our curriculum includes music, dancing, speech and drama, show and tell, physical education, art and crafts, and cookery.

Goal of Shinnyo-en Nursery

Goal of Shinnyo-en nursery Cultivating lives full of blessings and joy to light the way to a bright future Your child is a precious beacon of hope and their early childhood years should be cherished. When you entrust your loving child to us, we are committed to nurturing them to the highest standards of quality pre-school education in a safe, loving environment. We want children to have fun in their learning, be curious about everything, ask questions and feel respected and valued.

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15th Jul 2023
A drop of blood can save a life! Know your worth by donating blood. If you are 18 years or above, you can take part in this act of kindness.

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