Deadline Date: 2023/09/30

Deadline Time : 12:00 PM

Application Process:
If your child is selected for the interview

You will receive an SMS & Email with the interview date and time


Read the guidelines given below thoroughly & prepare the necessary documents, information before you start registering


Submit your registration online making sure to double check all information are accurate as you enter them into the online form


Present yourself for the interview and make sure you bring along all the documents required


You will be informed whether your child has been selected for admission

Application Guidelines:
  • Your child should be aged 3+ and less than 4 years old as of 31 Jan 2024.
  • Please ensure all the necessary information of your child is accurately entered.
  • All the necessary details of both parents should be duly completed. In an event that a parent's details cannot be entered, the relevant checkbox should be marked.
  • If the child is residing with a Guardian, their details should also be included on the form.
  • A photograph of the child should be submitted. Please follow the Photo Guidelines shown in the next step to submit the photo correctly.
  • All applications should be submitted before the deadline date and time mentioned above this form.
  • Applications printed and sent by post / handed over in person will NOT be accepted. All applications must be made online.
  • Please note that the original documents listed in the next step should be brought for the interview, if your child is shortlisted. This is a mandatory requirement for all applications.
  • Filling more than one application is not allowed.
  • Canvassing in any form will be a disqualification.
  • Decisions made by the School Management will be final. Letters of appeals will not be acknowledged nor considered.
  • No phone calls / appointments will be accepted by the School Office regarding any details about your application / subsequent interview.